Put your building in "stand-by" mode.

A complete guard of your building on a daily basis or during extended closed period (week-ends, holidays, public holidays). We are perfectly integrated to your Rational Use of Energy strategy.

The ECONTROL service ensures an inspection of the whole office and installation areas (sanitary, boiler, copy-room, cellar, technical rooms, roofing, alarm integrity…). This service aims at observing, notifying and reporting any uses default of resources and goods. The agent will be entitled to implement common sense solutions in order to correct the anomaly and will refer it in his daily report. A temperature control will be done at any planned control sessions and the temperature of the fridge, freezer, heating etc. will be checked with a laser thermometer.






Your benefit ?

This service will provide you a real view on your building uses, an energy cost control and monthly reports about abusive uses with improvement solutions proposal.